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The Marginal Approach to Joint Cost Allocation: Theory and Application
(Studies in Accounting Research Volume No. 29)
Author: Rene P. Manes and Agnes C. S. Cheng
The Philosophy of Auditing
(Monograph No. 6.)
Author: R. K. Mautz and Hussein A. Sharaf
The REA Accounting Model as an Accounting and Economic Ontology
Author: William E. McCarthy, Guido L. Geerts, and Graham Gal
The Third-Quarter Century of the American Accounting Association—1966–1991
Author: Dale L. Flesher
The Trueblood Professors' Seminar
Triple-Entry Bookkeeping and Income Momentum
(Studies in Accounting Research Volume No. 18)
Author: Yuji Ijiri
Univariate Time-Series Analysis of Quarterly Earnings: Some Unresolved Issues
(Studies in Accounting Research Volume No. 25)
Author: William S. Hopwood and James C. McKeown
Valuation of Used Capital Assets
(Studies in Accounting Research Volume No. 7)
Author: Carl R. Beidleman
Years of Transition
The American Accounting Association, 1991-2016 
Author: Paul J. Miranti, Jr., Nandini Chandar, and Deirdre M. Collier