Accounting Principles


A Statement of Accounting Principles
Author: Thomas H. Sanders, Henry R. Hatfield, Underhill Moore
Accounting & Reporting Standards for Corporate Financial Statements & Preceding Statements & Supplements
Author: The Committee on Concepts and Standards Underlying Corporate Financial Statements
Statement on Accounting Theory and Theory Acceptance
Author: The Committee on Concepts and Standards for External Financial Reports
Structure of Accounting Theory
(Monograph No. 5)
Author: A. C. Littleton
The Philosophy of Auditing
(Monograph No. 6.)
Author: R. K. Mautz and Hussein A. Sharaf
The REA Accounting Model as an Accounting and Economic Ontology
Author: William E. McCarthy, Guido L. Geerts, and Graham Gal
The Trueblood Professors' Seminar