Featured titles

Analysis of Financial Statements: Financial Accounting and the Capital Market
(Studies in Accounting Research Volume No. 30)
Author: Nicholas J. Gonedes and Nicholas Dopuch
Assessment for the New Curriculum: A Guide for Professional Accounting Programs
(Accounting Education Series Volume No. 11)
Author: Joanne Gainen and Paul Locatelli
Behavior of Test Statistics in the Auditing Environment
(Studies in Accounting Research Volume No. 23)
Author:  Gordon L. Duke, Robert A. Leitch, and John Neter
Behavioral Accounting Research: Foundations and Frontiers
Author: Vicky Arnold and Steve G. Sutton (Eds.)
Behavioral Tax Research: Prospects and Judgment Calls
Author: Jon S. Davis
Best Practices in Accounting Program Assessment
Author: Thomas Calderon, Brian Patrick Green, and Michael D. Harkness
Beyond P<0.05: Scientific Inference in Accounting Research
Author: Sanjay Kallapur
Comparative International Auditing Standards
Author: Belverd E. Needles, Jr. (Editor)
Comparative International Taxation
Author: Kathleen E. Sinning (Editor)
Comparison of Audit Methodologies of Large Accounting Firms
(Studies in Accounting Research Volume No. 26)
Author: Barry E. Cushing and James K. Loebbecke
Computer Assisted Analytical Review System
(Accounting Education Series Volume No. 7)
Author: William R. Kinney, Jr., Gerald L. Salamon and Wilfred C. Uecker
Computer Integration into the Accounting Curriculum: Case Studies
(Accounting Education Series Volume No. 8)
Author: Robert W. Ingram
COSO Enterprise Risk Management Integrating with Strategy and Performance Bundle
COSO Enterprise Risk Management-Integrating with Strategy and Performance
June 2017, 3-volume set
COSO Enterprise Risk Management-Integrating with Strategy and Performance: Compendium of Examples
January 2018